Meet one of our employees!

I am Jacco de Jong am 22 years old and co-owner of Tree Nursery de Jong in Dongen.

I have been at the nursery since I was young, first with grandpa Jan in the tunnels, later with grandpa cutting wood for the oculations. Soon I was riding on the tractor to cut the grass at our nursery.

Since a few months now I have been doing sales for our company. In this, I can learn a lot and definitely grow further. In winter, I used to mainly load and unload trees. In summer, I was busy maintaining our machines. Now I’m on the road a lot in the summer, visiting customers both in the Netherlands and abroad. I really find it very interesting. The contact is very nice, but also that you have a good idea of what’s going on and see where your own trees and plants are going. I hope we can expand the nursery even further and provide many more customers with our trees.

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