Meet one of our employees!

I am Jacco de Jong am 22 years old and co-owner of Tree Nursery de Jong in Dongen.

I have been at the nursery since I was young, first with grandpa Jan in the tunnels, later with grandpa cutting wood for the oculations. Soon I was riding on the tractor to cut the grass at our nursery.

Since a few months now I have been doing sales for our company. In this, I can learn a lot and definitely grow further. In winter, I used to mainly load and unload trees. In summer, I was busy maintaining our machines. Now I’m on the road a lot in the summer, visiting customers both in the Netherlands and abroad. I really find it very interesting. The contact is very nice, but also that you have a good idea of what’s going on and see where your own trees and plants are going. I hope we can expand the nursery even further and provide many more customers with our trees.

Vacancy alert

Do you like green?
Do you like to work outside?

Maybe you would like to join our team from the fall! With us you can enjoy working outside in nature. Together with a super enthusiastic team from young to ‘a little older’ you can fully enjoy yourself outside on the land.

In the fall it is the time for us to harvest the trees. This is usually done with a clod machine. These clods should be neatly packed with burlap and a basket. In addition, we also tie the crowns of the trees together. After that, the trees may be loaded to be taken home. Here the trees will be loaded into the trucks again.

In addition, we prepare the planting material again, mainly in the shed, which we replant on the land. So that we can still sell trees in 4 years’ time.

And don’t forget our container field. In addition to our trees in the ground, we also grow trees in pots. In winter, trees come into the shed and we prune them. Then we will pot the trees in special tree bags.

In short, this is what we will be doing at our nursery from the autumn.
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